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Writers, Academics, Urban Planners. Designers

Jan Gehl | Urban Designer

Jane Jacobs | Urban  Guru

William Whyte | Urban Designer

Shawn Micallef | Writer, Psychogeographer

Kevin Lynch | Architect, Author of The Image of the City, What Time is this Place? 

Erik Swyndegouw | Geographer,  Urban Political Ecology literature

Nik Heynen | Geographer, Urban Political Ecology literature

Ken Greenberg | Urban Designer, Author of Walking Home

Jennifer Keesmaat | Chief Planner of the City of Toronto,

Christopher Hume | Urban Planning/Architecture Critic

Michael Hough | Nature-Culture theorist, Landscape Architect

Marla Rotsztain | Urban Planner

Elise Rotsztain | Functional Sustainability Consultant, expert in things second-hand

Artists, Makers and Doers

Jonathan Rotsztain | Graphic Designer, Amateur Outsider Artist, Social Critic

Rebecca Roher | Artist and Cartoonist

Natalie Amber | Life Coach, Gardener, Upcycling master

Chris Foster | Artist, Problem Solver

Alison Creba | Space ‘Ranger

David Asher | Maker of cheese and other wonderful things

Jeremy Rotsztain |  Digital artist

Manuel Cappel | Bike trailer-maker

Phil Eddolls | Compositer

Brian Riley | Connector

Jean Jullien | Graphic designer/illustrator

Events and Places

White Rabbit, an open air art project in Upper Economy, Nova Scotia

Don Blanche, another open air art project near Shelburne, Ontario

Plantage Dok, squat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Artscape Gibraltar Point, artist centre on the Toronto Islands

SappyFest, indie music heaven in Sackville, New Brunswick

North End Halifax, where I grew my heart


Spacing Toronto, MontrealAtlantic, Vancouver

The Pop Up City



The Bike Whisperer

The Design Observer

But does it float

Mansion Ostrich Group

Urban Phenomenology

The New Deference

The Urban Repair Squad

The Atlantic Cities