Thank you for visiting my blog, the urban geographer and considering me for the Golfstromen internship!  It’s here that over the past year, I’ve happily jotted down my observations and experiences of architecture, urban design and anything to do with the cities I’ve loved, lived in and visited.

A lot of the posts I write are inspired by what I studied: Urban Geography and Art History at  McGill University. Nestled in the heart of downtown Montreal, McGill is literally engulfed by the diverse urban landscapes of the city — it’s buzzing nightlife to the South and West, and it’s vibrant, cafe and boutique bakery filled,  artist neighbourhoods to the North and East. This is the city where my passion for architecture, urban design and technology bloomed and flourished — where I experienced the essence of Montreal — and of cities in general — and began my love affair with urbanism. From the playful street art of Roadsworth, to more official art installations and even public infrastructure, I came to appreciate a more impermanent and flexible approach to urban design, and started looking for it everywhere I went.

Since my time in Montreal, I’ve lived in Halifax’s artistic North End and have travelled around the cities of North Western Europe, seeking the latest trends in urban design, architecture and technology. From secret pop-up restaurants in Halifax, to temporary urban farms in London, I’ve been enthralled by what’s possible in the world of creative, pop up urbanism.

And through many books, many blogs and a lot of cities, I’ve dove into the world of creative interventions into urban space. I’ve found that, it’s at the intersection of art and urban design that the most thought provoking commentaries on our cities can happen. Flexible urban design and architecture provide inspring and effective solutions to the common problems of communication, energy, transportation and community that so many cities face today.

My interests naturally lead me to you, The Pop Up City — and I instantly fell in love with the creativity your team consistently exposes in The Netherlands and Beyond. I naturally couldn’t stand by the sidelines passively, and hopped into the world of urban blogging, contributing some very well received posts to Spacing — a blog network that focuses on understanding the urban landscape of Canadian cities.

It may be apparent by now that I am a total blog junkie. I like to keep up to date on the latest in the world of urbanism through a few key sites. Beyond the Pop-Up City, I am an avid reader of The Atlantic Cities which offers some pretty in-depth coverage of trends and politics of urban design and architecture. The Design Observer also provides me with inspiration with regards to the world of design, often providing meaningful essays about various topics in urbanism. BlogTO and Torontoist keep me up to date about the haps in my home town while I’m out exploring the world.

My favourite art blog is with no doubt but does it float. The curators of this blog maintain the highest of standards as they explore art, both contemporary and from years gone by, providing incredibly striking examples of art, design and architecture, both real and imagined. The new aesthetic is another blog on the artistic side that fascinates me, where James Bridle explores the affect of our culture’s digitization in often unexpected places. A lot of the examples he explores are geographic, technology that affects the way we experience and interact with our cities . And of course that’s no surprise as so much of the technology today is related to the GPS functions of our smart phones.

So that’s me! While you’re here, I hope you get the chance to explore some of my previous posts, my about section and my list of influences. Through my blog, I hope I’ve shown my enthusiasm for urbanism and the high caliber of research and writing you could expect from me if chosen for the Golfstromen internship. I am really excited about the opportunity of returning to beautiful Amsterdam and discovering the latest in urbanism and technology, as I explore the city and learn from your team.

I hope to hear from you soon. Until then, I will continue to explore the world of pop-up urbanism here in Toronto and, thanks to the internet, all over the world.

Yours truly,

Daniel Rotsztain —

the urban geographer