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// I love cities — and am eager to share my observations, theories and stories that define the urban experience to whoever would like to join me in our collective journey toward city-literacy.

Cities are whimsical and thought-provoking places. They are the meeting grounds for the interaction and collaboration between unlikely groups of people, animals, plants, objects and geology. Cities are always changing and never stay the same.

While studying Urban Geography at McGillI was exposed to many influential urban thinkers, writers and theorists. Though this blog was initially inspired by my undergraduate experience, I have continued an informal education based in self-directed research, relevant job experiences and traveling, forming the foundations of my urban geography practice.


Your Urban Geographer, exploring Amsterdam by Bike

Though The Urban Geographer is comprised of articles I have written for outlets such as the Globe and Mail, Spacing and the Pop-Up City, in-between you will find my own ideas and posts on a wide range of topics and a diversity of tones from the most convoluted academic jargon to the most abstract poetic (and hopefully, a lot in between).

The ideas written on this blog are often first drafts of theories I will be working on throughout my life as a Flaneur/Urbanist/Forever Curious Onlooker. Please excuse the unfinished quality of many of the posts — this blog is an ideas farm, a place where I can put my ideas down and slowly work on them with time. As a result, I invite you to come back and re-read your favourite posts! You’ll find they change often, hopefully moving toward the ultimate goal: clearly expressed thoughts that will enable mutually enriching considerations of the city between myself and my readers.

I know Toronto best, but have been lucky to live in Montreal, Halifax, Amsterdam and Malmö, and travel to other cities and have gained a large perspective on urbanism through these experiences.

Thank you for visiting — and enjoy!

Daniel Rotsztain //


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