Toronto may be the city where the mayor has declared the end to the “war on cars“.

It may be the only city in the world to be removing bike lanes while letting the shoulders of major streets go painfully uncovered.

It may be the only “world class” city without a “world class” transportation system, permanently frozen by ego and politics.


I love that this city
Has inherited a streetcar system
That encourages
No — demands
That pedestrians spill into the street
Taking them over temporarily
To board a streetcar
& to get off them too.

For those non-Torontonians out there, the official boarding procedure for Toronto’s streetcars (when there is no traffic island), is to spill onto the street, blocking traffic until boarded. And in this way, there is a constant, intangible expansion of the territory of the sidewalks into the streets.

Sure, it’s probably not the safest, or most efficient way to run a transportation network. But every time I see pedestrians spill into the streets to board a street car, taking them over, “taking back the streets” my heart swells with Toronto love.