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As some of my readers may know, I am traveling from Amsterdam to Rome, over land, with the special interest of seeing how the Netherlands turns into Italy.

The voyage is planned, and later this week I will be taking a shit-kicker 30 hour bus-trip beginning in Amsterdam, and traveling through Belgium, Luxembourg, France & Switzerland on its way to Italy.

Preparing for this very extreme journey, I have many questions about what the trip will be like. Here are some of the most pertinent:

  • Who will be the other passengers?
  • Will it be a double-decker bus?
  • How many towns will we be stopping in? For how long?
  • Will we be driving under, or over the Swiss Alps?
  • Will it be dark outside while we’re driving through the Alps?
  • Will Italy be hot?
  • Will i know when i’m in a different country?
  • How long does 30 hours feel like on a bus?

Last week, I took the bus from Paris to Amsterdam, and watched as France slowly became the Netherlands.

The cultures of Europe are a spectrum over the land, and while some major reference points have emerged, like Dutch or French, there are certainly a lot of in-between cultures. You notice this in the language, the architecture, the agricultural methods. In Belgium especially, I saw French architecture slowly give way to Dutch styles — with so much lovely and interesting inbetween-cultures to vibe on.

As you know, readers, I am returning to Toronto in June to present at the Urban Ecologies conference. I have decided to fly home from Italy — Rome, specifically. I look forward to traveling over land from Amsterdam to Rome. With so many cultures and mountains and rivers inbetween, my question will be, how does the Netherlands become Italy?