Luminato is a multi-day, medium spanning, and geographically expansive festival of creativity held every Spring in Toronto.

To compliment the festival’s programming, Luminato releases LightNewsa daily newsletter, that is less news/reviews than an art project in and of itself. As “a performance in print”, LightNews invites artists, cartoonists, poets and writers to critically respond to the festival’s haps.

I was delighted to participate in LightNews at 2014’s Luminato Festival. As part of the Young people we really like are sayingfeature, I responded to two dance performances — Stones in Her Mouth, a dark and hypnotic decent into the depths of creation and protection, and So Blue, an act of sheer endurance as much as it was elegantly choreographed movement.

It was a pleasure to flex my writing muscles beyond the realm of architecture and urban affairs, and contribute to a fantastic part of Luminato’s excellent programming. Please enjoy my response to Stones in Her Mouth, and So Blue, below!

Young People We Really Like