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Mobility Rings

Check out this map I made for Charlie’s Freewheels to publicize the impact their programming has on empowering youth in Toronto on the occasion of their Indiegogo campaign. It shows, quite simply, that your world it quite small if you walk everywhere, and you can farther, faster by bike. Bikes make the city smaller for everyone – and that makes opportunities for connection and engagement with the rest of the city.


Exciting news, readers!

For the remaining days of 2014, I will be working with Charlie’s Freewheels to publicize their indiegogo campaign to put 50 youth on 50 bikes!

Charlie’s is an amazing organization in Toronto’s downtown east-side. They empower youth in Regent Park and Moss Park, two of Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods, teaching them how to build and maintain their own bikes and how to ride them safely in the city. With lovely instructors and mechanics, an inviting atmosphere and drop-in hours Charlie’s also provides a supportive community, spreading positive messaging about biking in the city. You might have read about them in my Torontoist article from last month.


Our campaign is mostly keeping to social media, but we’re doing our best to get conventional media like Now and the Toronto Star on our case to help us spread the word.

The campaign has been an opportunity to reach out to other bike organizations in the city, including Cycle Toronto and Dandyhorse Magazine, and other communities dedicated to sustainability (e.g. Evergreen), urban planning (e.g. Toronto Centre for Active Transportation), health (e.g. activeTO), youth homelessness (e.g. Covenant House) and youth advocacy in the city.

I’m most excited about the meme-side of our campaign. While going viral is more of an art than a science, making the memes has been hilariously fun, and a good opportunity to collaborate with the Charlie’s community to celebrate the amazing culture of the organization.

Please enjoy this selection of the memes and infographics we’ve already put out, and stay tuned for more!

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