Skyscrapers are often built to be regarded from afar. Their designs involve immense vertical lines and overwhelming size evoking a sense of awe and wonder. One doesn’t often think of the skyscraper in its context, on the street (thankfully this has changed with recent design emphasis on tall buildings’ podiums – thanks Jan Gehl). 

In downtown Montreal, at the corner of University and Kennedy is the KPMG Tower. It is an extremely unique structure, it’s prominent feature being a series of triangular geometry at it’s crown.

Walking by it on street level, it becomes apparent that the design of the skyscraper was directly influenced from the relatively older, smaller house beside it.

It’s incredible, the arbitrariness of the way our city looks. This tiny house, a nothing in urban-relativity, has completely influenced the design of an enormous structure that can be regarded from kilometres around Montreal.