island jan 12_2

These days, I’m learning a lot about the beauty of the Toronto region.

Compared to the West Coast, where there are enormous mountain ranges and wide-girthed trees, Toronto’s beauty lies in the micro, where one can find an infinity of dynamic and fine grained processes — the ice, the soil, the ferns — emerging and fading away.

Toronto’s microscopic beauty is very much of its Carolinian ecology. This Eastern Deciduous forest is a dynamic life zone, its beauty lying in the small, interconnected and temporal.

I also see this in the dynamacy of the human culture that inhabits these lands: Toronto is a land of immigration, of multiple identities. Toronto’s dense neighbourhoods are a fine grain of human settlement.


Please enjoy this GIF I made to illustrate the beauty of Toronto’s micro-processes. Look closely…amongst the ice and the finely textured grasses, you might find a bit of Toronto in there…