A sketch, for a future project

Toronto’s Island has provided your Urban Geographer with immense inspiration regarding Urban Ecology and its manifestation in Toronto.

It seems that this deeply wild Island has enabled an equivalently deep urbanity in the city across the Bay. To illustrate this: Chicago is a nearby Great Lakes city that does not have an island. Its water front integrates nature and the city very well. In Toronto on the other hand, we have a waterfront that is a great concrete barrier to the lake, remedied by an extremely natural beach a few kilometres further south.

Of course, the spaces aren’t pure. There’s a little city in the Island and a little Island in the city. (There’s also a little Island in all Torontonians, and a little Toronto in all Islanders).

Remarkably, the geography of the Islands and Toronto provides a clear illustration of this phenomenon. Like Yin and Yang, the Island and the City encapsulate every degree of the panoramic view of the harbour. The airport represents that bit of urbanity on the Island, and the Skydome’s grass that little bit of wild in the city.

This is the beginnings of a greater body of work, but for now, let me present to you this screenshot I took from Google Earth.

yin yang_draft 1