Well, not new — but updated.

As I’ve begun writing for Spacing Toronto, I think it’s the perfect occasion to update and streamline my previously-known-as Urban Geographer’s Manifesto. 

Though stated more simply, these Principles are inspired by my experiences in academia, activism, the job market, art and travelling. They represent my guiding principles as I negotiate the world.

Please enjoy this new version of  


  • a city can’t be planned; its cultures, however, can be positively guided
  • urban design includes any space-changing activity people do to their city
  • we are all urban designers, planners, and architects. we all have an ability to shape our cities
  • cities are natural; they are a critical part of the earth’s ecosystem
    taxes and by-laws are a city’s dna
  • cities should be planned for people, not cars
  • this blog is a way to share my love for cities, and to promote happy city living