Today, your Urban Geographer was featured in a photograph on the front page of the Globe & Mail’s Toronto section!

Above, Kevin Van Paasen captured me in deep contemplative thought as the ferry crossed Toronto Bay. The photo reveals my simultaneous vibing on the city’s complexity as it slowly reveals itself, along with the mesmerizing bobbing of pieces of ice as the ferry cut its way through the frigid waters.

The article gets into depth about the beauty of winter-time on the Toronto Islands, something I certainly have been experiencing these few days. Some Islanders lament that fact that not enough Torontonians come to the Islands to experience the joys of winter (including wild-skating, or “skating the wild ice”, as it’s referred to in the article). I’m more inclined to leave the winter-Island the way it is now — isolated and perfectly quiet.

Now that positive temperatures have brought on a deep melt of the ice, reading the article makes me feel nostalgic. Here’s hoping for more ice and snow this winter.