You have a new type of street furniture to join your highly esteemed offerings of Astral Media benches, trash cans, bus shelters and “info pillars”!

It’s the ever-ubiquitous, prodigious in its immense geographic coverage, the find-it-on-every-corner Condo sandwich board!

Today, these low-profile objects literally cover Toronto’s downtown streets. Passersby can easily revel in the wide selections of “authentic” loft lifestyle condos advertised on every street corner, and luckily are even pointed in the right direction.

Just another effect of the incredible number of condominiums being built in Toronto on the city’s streets.


Dan Bergeron, as part of the Luminato Festival, has created an incredible condo sandwich board sculpture, highlighting the incredible rise in Toronto housing prices since the 1970s. And it’s located at the crossroads of St James Town, Cabbagetown and Regent Park! Woah!