An analogy I’ve been using to think about transportation corridors recently is one involving rivers and streams.

A slow moving river that has lots of banks and streams and pools will attract denser, more lush ecosystems — here think of a bus or a street car that slowly makes its way down a street.

I like to think of Queen street as the prime example of this. The streetcar travels sluggishly down Queen, a lazy river. Pedestrians scramble everywhere to hop on and off the cars. There’s movement – life – every, providing nourishment to the stores and restaurants on its banks.

Danforth, on the other hand, is serviced by a subway. Along the 2 km stretch between Greenwood and Woodbine there are only three stops.

Think of a rushing river, moving too quickly to nourish the ecosystems that may settle on its banks. A rushing river has, by no means a barren setting, but certainly less thick and lush than a slow moving stream.