Friends and Readers,

Your Urban Geographer is taking flight — and casting his spatio-analytic capacities toward the places and peoples of North-Western Europe.

Arriving in Manchester, the first city that experienced the Industrial Revolution and home of Engels’ famous observations of reading the exploitation of the working class in the urban form, I will quickly make my way through the UK before spending two weeks in Incredibly Complex London.

I will then take a boat to the Netherlands: Harwich-to-the-Hook-of-Holland. And from there, a mystery, until I get to Electrifying Berlin — the glow at the end of this tunnel.

I have decided to, as much as possible, not fly, even though cheap inter-Europe flights are abundant. As your Urban Geographer, I think it will be important to see the places between the cities as well, in an attempt to enlighten myself as to the various Whys of a place: the hinterlands that flow into each other are the liminal spaces that will link place to place. Instead of being dropped out of the sky, disoriented, I will meditate on each kilometre travelled in order to uncover the situation that underlies the cities I visit.

I look forward to sharing my observations with you. This is new territory for me: attempts at theories with minimal knowledge of history and politics. But I will try and learn and read the places I go deeply, and perhaps something interesting will come out of it.

So — To the Sky, and back down again, in fair Manchester, England — Chorlton, specifically.

Your Urban Geographer.