Some venues allow for unique, place-specific experiences of music: venues where the characteristics of the city subtly creep into the overall ambience of a performance.

Like during a quiet section of a song, when the wooshing of cars can be heard passing in the streets below; or in-between songs, when the distinct chimes of a cross-walk carry through the walls, softly filling in the negative sound-space.

These are the rhythms and melodies of the city that can unexpectedly find their natural place in the experience of a concert, strongly anchoring that musical experience in a place — and in a life — your life, that day, that period of your life- in that city.

At these moments, we are reminded that the melody of the streets unconsciously play as active a role in the sounds of our being as the melodies of the songs we consciously choose to narrate our lives.

St Matthew’s United Church in Halifax offers a city-specific experience of live music — where the chimes of the nearby cross walks can be heard during quiet interludes and pauses in the music.